Basking in the bliss . . .

Yesterday I chanted and meditated at a Global Audio Satsang event. What is that, you may ask? It’s been less than two years since I discovered Siddha Yoga. I knew of Gurumayi from friends but, evidently, the timing wasn’t right then. Baba Muktananda began a ‘Meditation Revolution’ back in the 1970s. He made two world tour visits to the U.S. May marks what would have been his 100th birthday. There was a celebration. The meditation center in Cincinnati participated in this worldwide program in his honor. The chanting and meditating were great and so was the company! I have found some wonderful friends in this group. Besides Women Writing for (a) Change, this is my main organization. Right now, I am sitting on a bench in my backyard, in front of a circular stone puja/altar I created. I hear the young red-shouldered hawk and a creek. Life is good.

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