I like to think I’m doing something ‘right’ if something as synchronistic as this happens:  now both ‘my groups’–Siddha Yoga Meditation Center and Women Writing for (a) Change will be within half a mile of each other. 

I know because I volunteered to co-coordinate the move with Karen. Although I did my share of packing, it turned out she was focused and diligent about packing while I became the communication person. Was this due to my being a first born or an Aquarius? Regardless, I am pleased that my route along Cross County Highway is already enmeshed in my brain and will get me effortlessly to both groups. 

Now, if only my wonderful home setting could be airlifted to the east side (of Cincinnati). But I love my A frame by the creek and woods too much to give it up . . . even though this morning’s storm took down two trees and crashed into the fence that keeps the wild shepherd in. What attracts me to unruly dogs? Ahh . . . but that’s a tale for another time.


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