Chanting up & down I-71

I spent a delightful day accompanying my friend Veena to Ohio State University. She was making a quick trip to deliver some items to her daughter who goes to school there. Seems daughter had left quite a few items at home over spring break and mom was going to deliver them.

This sweet mother also packed a lunch for all of us — homemade Indian food, of course! We played Krishna Das and Jai Uttal most of the drive, interspersed with chatting. I kept her company as she drove.

The visit with Radhika passed quickly; we were literally catching her between classes. Veena decided to make a stop at the outlet in Jeffersonville on the way home. I bought a set of dishes and mugs with a bamboo pattern. We both bought the same wildly patterned top for a deep discount. We shared a latte for the ride home.

I always enjoy being in Veena’s company. Besides being possibly the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, Veena is a wonderful conversationalist. She is also a teacher to me, not only of Indian customs but also the wisdom of Siddha Yoga sadhana.

But what made this day most special was this: today would have been the 79th birthday of my mother. She died two years ago. I found a certain teaching in being a witness of this mother/daughter interaction today. How sweet and nurturing Veena is, how appreciative Radhika was of the visit to Columbus. They are both beautiful women on many levels. I felt fortunate to share in their intimacy.

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