the creek gurgling to its source / Poem #16

It is early evening and I sit on my deck. If I were feeling social I’d go to a nearby coffeehouse and join some people and hear a concert tonight. It’s not always easy for me to know how I feel. I thought about it and listened to my intuition and my intuition told me to stay home.

So laptop heating my legs, three of my four animal companions hanging out with me, we enjoy this second sunny, beautiful day in a row. Today it really feels like spring!

Earlier I watched three mallards floating down the creek behind my house. They usually begin at the deep end by the property east of my land and when they reach the narrower stream behind my place, turn around and go back. Today, however, the ducks paused, walked a bit on some stones, then floated west. The creek continued on to its source.

Poem #16

how auspicious it is
to be a witness to
a creek moving home to its source


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