live forever little dog, Poem #21

Mia is the only dog I ever got as a puppy, young and directly from the litter. She is not who I would have picked had I gone to a shelter looking. I prefer big dogs and thought she’d turn out more like her Akita-shepherd dad than her beagle-spaniel mom. This little forty pounder is white with a few traces of brown — on her ears, back, and eyelashes of all places. Obviously, I adore her and I named her Mia.

Earlier today we were sitting on the sofa and had one of those bonding moments. Not sure where it came from but I said (yes, out loud to the dog), “You’ve gotta live forever little dog!”

puppy love

you’re the one, my sweetheart, my confidante
you’re easy to love, your devotion is obvious
I am guru only to you

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