Krishna Das & the red-shouldered hawk, Poem #26

I can’t believe I skipped yoga class tonight. I love it but I was also being in the moment which meant luxuriating in the springlike weather, enjoying my backyard. I had a few hours of light and wanted to plant some seeds. I planted a strip of carrots and then some carnations beyond the stone circle. I’m leaving a corner of my yard wild because I like wildflowers and because I notice my two dogs like to graze on the grasses.

So I spent a lovely few hours outside. Veena had loaned me a Krishna Das cd that I didn’t know so I brought out the portable cd player to the deck and listened to some great chants while I dug and planted. I noticed the young red-shouldered hawk sitting on a branch across the creek. Grabbed my binoculars to take a closer look at the young one. I swear, s/he tilted her head and stayed to listen to the first few chants!

Afterward I poured a glass of merlot, offered some to several special places in my yard, then took a sip. I lit some candles on the deck and watched the crescent moon move across the darkening sky. I played the cd again. “Sita Ram, Sita Ram. Om Namah Shivaya. Mata Durga.” I didn’t feel alone; I felt blessed.

Poem #26

Sometimes if you listen very closely
you will hear what is clearly there;
You will know if you should stay or go.


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