down time, Poem #25

I knew it would happen sometime during this exercise of 108 poems.

Last night I had to give in and go to bed at 9:30 p.m. After opening the Meditation Center for Guru Gita chanting and helping Sue move a load of her stuff — including her two cats — I was tired. Got to bed late because of the Krishna Das concert downtown (well worth it). I was running a deficit of two nights with less sleep than usual.

So last night I got a full nine hours of sleep — heavenly. And it was warm enough to kick the covers off (first time this year) but, by morning there was a breeze and birds serenading through the open window. Life is good after a catchup sleep!

Today my Dad and I treat my sister Linda for her birthday at Olive Garden. Then Dad will check my fence and some jobs we will work on this summer.

So . . . two poems today; this one in the morning covers yesterday (what does that mean anyway? All time is Now!).

Poem #25

spring morning mulch
planting purple phlox
by the circle of stones


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