Imagining a new species: Poem #30

So it’s May 1st and definitely springtime.

The signs are there: people mowing their lawns, filling the garden stores, planting and mulching. It rains in the morning, the sun comes out for a few hours, then it rains once more. There are signs of green everywhere. And the irises are up. But there is one other sign. Bodhi is humping Medusa.

Hmmm. Sounds interesting. Mythological beings? In this case, Bodhi is a 60 pound shepherd-elkhound mix and Medusa (‘dusa for short) is the Queen Cat around the house. She doesn’t seem to mind. This happens every year for a little while then it dies down. What I don’t understand is why Bodhi doesn’t take to Mia, the three year old dog. I mean, she’s the same species! Maybe Bodhi perceives that as too incestuous; my take is that Mia is his little niece. After all, I do sometimes refer to Bodhi as ‘Uncle Bo.’

So it got me thinking, this inter-species attraction. Thus, the context for Poem #30:

dog humping cat
would the offspring be
cog or dat?


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