The awesomeness of Twitter, aligned with Poem #33

I realize most of my friends and acquaintances think I am going through a phase with my love affair with Twitter. True, it’s only been a season. Still, I was totally blown away when I discovered this blog post by Stephen Dinan last night (through Twitter, of course).

Entitled “The Spiritual Importance of Twitter,” Stephen proceeds to list seven reasons why. I will not list these, rather, will post a link to the article at the end for those interested in knowing the details. But he claims Twitter contributes to our sense of Oneness with each other. Thoughts and ideas can be relayed instantly; networks of like-minded people form seamlessly and effortlessly. There is increased authenticity “as the boundaries between our public and private selves dissolve.” The 140 characters allowed in Twitter make for quick, uncensored revelations. Each of us are like synapses connected to a ‘global brain.’

Global Brain

We tap out our thoughts quickly, briefly,
140 characters at a time until
our separateness finally fades


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