the bunny lives! & poem #36

I had finished putting the compost bin together. Overheard cursing by the Canadian goose who has adopted the creek, I had completed the task and was shamelessly relaxing on my deck. Suddenly the dogs got excited by an event in the side yard. It could have been anything really. I went to look and saw Jasmine, one of my cats, with something 6-8″ long struggling in her mouth.

A baby bunny! No, I cried and ran out the front door and grabbed the cat, pulling. She let go and the bunny fell, still alive. I locked Jazz in the bathroom to reflect on her evil deed. Got the dogs and other cat in the house, then looked over the fence at the bunny situation.

It was very cute. Panting, probably in shock. I thought I saw a little blood on its neck but didn’t want to examine closer. What could I do? Buy a baby bottle and nurse it back to health? Some more compassionate souls might have done so but I didn’t want to take it on. Besides, I’d seen the mother rabbit run across the street when I first noticed the struggle. I was hoping — so close to Mother’s Day indeed — that she would come back and check on her little one.

I did some things around the house and purposely didn’t look for a bit. Finally, my curiosity compelled me to check. The baby was gone. I was so happy it seemed to have turned out okay. I know the saying ‘survival of the fittest’ but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

animal poem

excitement in the animal kingdom:
one goose, my dogs and cats, two bunnies;
the lone human ponders existence


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