how glad to have things cancelled / poem 43

Today I felt much better. Stayed home all day, didn’t get in the car once, by choice. I rested, I read, I twitter-ed. I even did a few loads of laundry but I didn’t take the garbage out.

Rained all morning but by late afternoon the sun came out. The animals and I went to the backyard. The lapsed meditator sat on the garden bench and did some lethargic OMs. Watched the goose in the creek. Listened to the sound of water leaping over stones. Sat on the deck and watched the Bodhi dog run to the wood pile, again and again, in his vain attempt to catch the chipmunk he noticed there a month ago. I made a smoothie and toasted spring.

A visit to a friend on the east side was rescheduled. Then I got a call that I won’t have to deliver meals tomorrow. The Universe was cooperating with my healing — at least this is the way it seemed.


Sometimes change works
in a wellness way.
Take a deep breath and stay.

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