a poll about feminism / poem 44

Just read a blurb about a recent poll of young women questioned about a few important matters. (The magazine said Gallup but I can’t verify it –  The Week, issue April 3, 2009).

Question: Would you marry an ugly man if he were rich? Answer: yes (50%)
Question: Which would you rather win — the Nobel Peace Prize or first prize on America’s Next Top Model? Answer: 25% went with the tv show prize.

This report made me sad. Money over love, material prizes over peace. But then I thought: is the verdict half full or half empty? For 50% would not marry just for money (or would they just not marry an ugly guy but would marry a handsome guy?) And a whopping 75% would presumably go for the Nobel Peace Prize, so that’s hopeful to an old feminist like me.

I searched for blame:  television, of course, with its focus on looks, fame, and money. Parents and schools for not teaching certain values that override the former. But it’s just one poll and I don’t even know which one. I could dismiss it then. Did I even need to know about this? Was its mention an evil plot to reinforce a bias against the ‘f’ word? I’ll never know and, thus, the three line poem of the day:


money, romance, or fame?
look into the crystal ball or distorted mirror
and you still won’t know your future


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