must be my inner teenybopper / poem 71


I’ll admit it: I bought the Rolling Stone issue today at Kroger with the full story on Adam Lambert. Forget the cover with the snake on his thigh . . . too phallic for an old lesbian like me. But I’ll admit: Adam is hot. If I were decades younger I would have pictures of him on my dorm wall. What is it about him?

I think at least part of the appeal is his androgyny. I like the guyliner, the platform shoes, the flowing cape. After all, I liked British standup comic Eddie Izzard, too. Although I was never crazy about Elvis, I swear Adam may be channeling that rock n roll master who crossed over. But, no, Adam is so diverse in music styles. I love that his dad came home one day to hear Adam playing “Brick House” with the volume cranked up. In the interview in the Rolling Stone issue just out, Adam acknowledges he wanted to be a hippie. So did I, in fact, I was — at least what I called “a Midwestern version.”

Of course, I love that Adam is gay and up there before the millions flaunting everything he’s got. He is an lgbt representative whether he wants to be or not and whether some gay guys who’d rather fit in like it or not. I guess when it gets right down to it, he seems like fun. I sense he’s got a wonderfully free spirit.

I actually didn’t watch “American Idol” until the end. I sat up and noticed when I saw the stream of tweets on Twitter about “Mad World” and checked it out on YouTube. How touching and vulnerable the song and his showmanship on stage was amazing! For just a minute, I was back in high school again anxious about fitting in, feeling like an outsider. I don’t expect miracles with just one musical talent but with Adam Lambert saying “I don’t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I’m gay,” the outsiders have now moved into the limelight.


yes, I once played in a girls’ band and wanted to be a rock star.
you, sir, are one, so amazingly talented.
you have awakened my inner teenybopper.


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