Naming a new cloud / poem 74

I am envious of Jane Wiggins. A paralegal in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, she looked out her office window one afternoon and noticed an unusual cloud. She thought it so unique she grabbed her camera and took a picture.

A group of ‘dedicated cloud watchers’ are pushing to have ‘her’ cloud recognized as a new cloud category. Isn’t that cool? I mean, I think they should name it ‘Jane’s cloud.’ The Cedar Rapids Gazette says there hasn’t been a new cloud since 1951. So, since I was a one-year-old, no human beings have noticed a new cloud (or at least told someone from the Cloud Appreciation Society.)

When I look at clouds I often remember the line from the Joni Mitchell song “Both Sides Now”: “I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now, from up and down, and still somehow, It’s cloud illusions I recall, I really don’t know clouds at all.”


the cloud’s a kind of cumulus, I’ve always like the word.
Jane, let’s go out and have tea together;
I’d really like to know more.

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