Green Avatars & poem 79

In the past few days, many avatars (or profile photos) on Twitter have gone green. No, it’s not about supporting the environment though that’s a good idea. It is to show solidarity with Iranians as they strive for some semblance of a free election. On the other side of the world, Iranians are surreptitiously texting the news against Amadinejad’s wishes. It is exciting and goes to further prove that, small as the gesture may seem, social media is truly responsive and relevant on an international scope.

I’ve loved Twitter since the moment I discovered it. Once I got the protocol figured out, I ‘followed’ vegans, yogis, life coaches, bloggers, and lgbt activists. Since my Internet Interruptus yesterday, I have missed being able to check the latest conversations (tweets). Every day someone asks ‘what’s with the green?’ There’s a hatch mark topic #IranElection that will get you up to date on all the tweets pertaining to the Iran situation. If I had constant internet access, I’d be checking it more often. I no longer have cable so rely on my laptop internet for news. I love what ‘AnAppleADay1’ tweeted today: “We support your cause and wish you both safety and courage as you continue.” There is something powerful happening, even on this simple scale.


Green Avatar? No, it’s not some new movie superhero,
just some of us common folk scattered all over the world
speaking in solidarity with you.


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