celebration of Gurumayi’s birthday / poem 84

Tonight the Siddha Yoga Meditation Center in Cincinnati had a celebration satsang in honor of Gurumayi’s birthday. The most moving part for me were the shares. Many people shared what She meant to them, messages they had received from Her, and so forth. I was one.

My fellow leadership sevite, Veena, helped me realize that (this year at least) I was having dreams or ‘visitations’ from my guru when I felt sad. In January I sensed Her message so strongly that I could hear the question: “Isn’t there enough love around you?” Recently I had a dream and my head was in (or near) Her lap. I awoke with a feeling of peace and having been comforted. How fortunate I am to have found this path!


Your life as guru
has served to
awaken me

2 responses to “celebration of Gurumayi’s birthday / poem 84

  1. Just lovely to read, Phebe. I hope to hear you play the accordian someday — maybe your birthday party?


    • Ah, thanks, Karen; however, I won’t be playing the accordion any time too soon. Complex instrument. I’ll let you know when!

      You can hear me play harmonium, though, some Wednesday nights at the meditation center when we have live chants.


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