tomorrow I see Dr. F / poem 86

Tomorrow marks my second fasting blood test of the year. When I was first diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2, I had them more frequently. Now, though, Dr. F believes twice a year is about right.

Dr. F is holistic and kind of old fashioned. His zen like words about how to defeat diabetes were “Eat less, walk more.” Unfortunately, eating is the easy part and walking is, well, more of an effort. Still, I have high expectations about my results compared to January’s. In March I was in the midst of my juicing and going vegan experiment. I am still mostly vegan but the juicing has become less frequent. I’ve kept those eight-ten pounds off, however, so I hope his scale (which always shows a higher weight than mine at home!) shows this progress.

Usually I have no complaints but this time I will have to whine about the morning aches, the balls on the sole of my right foot, and the spot that suddenly appeared on my face this morning. Likely they are all part of being middle-aged but since I have his attention, I’ll ask.


I know I’m older than middle-age
but it makes me feel better to pretend
I have more time to grow wisdom

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