my take on Michael Jackson ~ poem 91

It’s time for me to weigh in on Michael Jackson.

First, I think it’s a shame that such a talented young man had to go through such a confusing life. I believe he did not feel good about being black or gay. These are both huge parts of one’s life. I think Michael never resolved either of the issues.

Why else would he want to have his skin lightened? I hated that fake upturned nose. He spent much money as well as pain to look different than he naturally did. And abuse issues? It seemed pretty clear his father was abusive. Using a whip to make the kids’ band be perfect? I mean, Michael Jackson was a performer since he was literally a child. Perhaps this theory is too naive but could his Neverland and attraction to young boys be a distorted mirror?

I think he felt always on stage. I think he had a perfection complex driven into him. Michael Jackson was so talented — voice, moves, and choreography of others. He was a pop genius plus he had soul. Yes, it’s a shame he felt so much pain that he became addicted to painkillers. May there be some relief for him now. Peace, Michael.


you were a child wonder
until the thrills became too much
R.I.P., little Michael

3 responses to “my take on Michael Jackson ~ poem 91

  1. Wait what… Michael Jackson was gay? Where did you get that from?

    • A biographer, Ian Halperin, has some evidence, for one. If you google ‘Michael Jackson and gay,’ you will also find that his brother Jermaine believed MJ was gay. I would have to say it’s a strong hunch on my part. I’m gay and I have a sort of 6th sense about it. I can’t prove it, though, and could be wrong.

  2. i like it’s poem…

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