Meditation, the Muktananda way & poem 92

Most days I do my OM japa, i.e., I take my 108 beaded necklace and chant OM slowly as I work my way around each bead. My favorite place to do this is on my garden bench. Then I get the additional joy of hearing birds and other sounds of nature. Sometimes, though, I actually meditate in my Meditation Room. I am fortunate enough to have a home with enough space to have a room set aside for my puja [altar] to the Siddha Yoga lineage, including my guru Gurumayi. I also have a puja to my mother who recently passed from this earth March 2007. Many of my sacred books as well as my spiritual journal are kept in this room.

For seven years (more or less), I meditated the Buddhist way (mostly zen but also vipassana). This way recommended that your eyes be open but not looking, either at a wall or a spot on the carpet. You chanted nothing, only watched your thoughts float by. You could count your breath or just breathe. The goal was emptiness. Nothing added.

The Siddha Yoga way has you chanting the mantra Om Namah Shivaya (or So’ham). Om Namah Shivaya means “I bow to my Inner Self/I bow to the Lord (Shiva).” So’ham means “I Am That.” We close our eyes. Now, when I was meditating the Zen way, we were informed that closing our eyes meant more chances for dreamy reflection which could get in the way. Having done both ways, I prefer closing my eyes. I have sometimes been graced with wonderful visions. I have also been bored. Most of the time, my meditations are something in between. Being in the present is the aim of both traditions. Although ‘just’ sitting peacefully for a half hour or more is perfectly fine, I was amazed to perceive what I call ‘visitations’ of Gurumayi and, a few times, Baba Muktananda.

I want to talk about Baba Muktananda’s book Meditate. Before I found an out-of-print copy to purchase, I had borrowed it from the public library. Later I realized I had received Shakti [awakening of Energy] from touching, reading, and imbibing the words of that book. Reading his words, I went into a state of bliss. It was as if He were speaking to me in the room. Baba has a special way of telling stories. His words remind us of the greatness that we are. He encourages us to remember that we are not separate from the Inner Self and from the Divine. His message is one of great Joy. I love these words from his book, “In meditation, we become the witness of all our states. This is the state of God, of the inner Self, and through meditation we can attain that state because it is within us.”


Again and again, I sit down
to witness the world which is not
separate from the one within me

8 responses to “Meditation, the Muktananda way & poem 92

  1. cool… yeah the book for me was “Where are you Going”… back in 85. I do think Japa is great and just recently saw a twitter post on it. Said “Japa is Yoga”. hey Gurumayi said Baba repeated Om Namah Shivaya all the time. Well when I can do it, I do find bliss too.

  2. oh I am going to do a Vipassana retreat myself!!! in GA in October. Now I do Diamond Approach in Atlanta

    • Hi, Paul, Thanks for your comments about the Baba Muktananda meditation piece! I am finding so many old time Siddha Yogis everywhere. Please feel free to check in and let me know how your retreat goes. Is Diamond Approach a zen style? I remember Diamond Sutra chanting in the zen group I used to meditate with.


  3. Hi Goddes Babe,

    Loved your post.

    Yes, repeating the mantra helps a lot. Specially during trying times. I´m half way chemotherapy, and yes, beneath the layer of pain from the treatment, there is an ocean of stillness, where I try to delve into, sometimes not even repeating the mantra, but just breathing slowly ( as indicated by Gurumayi when we were imbibing the TRUST message ). Yes, breathing easy is the boat that´s helping me cross this chapter. I am grateful, and at peace.

    Warm greetings from Mexico city
    Gerardo Zamudio
    Siddha Yogi

    • Gerardo,

      So good to hear your response! I certainly wish you many blessings on completing the last half of your chemotherapy. So glad to hear how repeating the mantra is helping. Let me know how you are doing. with love & caring, Phebe

  4. Harley (Satyakam) Koopman

    I’m also an old time devotee of Babaji. Received Shatipat from Baba in ’79 in South Fallsburg, Swami Chidvalasanada
    was still Babas translator. Mantra Baba gave me was “Om Namah Shivaya”. I truly miss the large chanting groups we had in Ann Arbor Mich, but back in the day I purchased some of the chanting cassettes. Baba and group doing “Om Namah Shivaya” is my fav! I transferred them to CD so I’ll never lose them.

    Love and Respect To All,


  5. Mmh..that’s something new i have to experiment at, i never thought about meditating with closed eyes or not, i also close my eyes so now whenever i meditate i will try to open my eyes!! and will see how it works out,
    Thanks for the tip!!

  6. kevin o'hanlon

    can anyone send me a copy of this cd


    i live in canada and i don’t want to spend $15 dollars for the shipping of one item.



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