3 gay guys & an ex / poem 98

Last night I had a great night out with one of my best friends, Vic. Her buddy from childhood was in town and we were going to join B & A, an older gay couple who live in Mt. Adams.

How nice — the conversation and camaraderie! We caught up over appetizers, then walked over to Teak Thai, one of the best restaurants in Cincinnati. We continued our conversation which roamed from food, same sex marriage, Michael Jackson, college students, Catholicism, and world travel. We returned to their amazing house and sat on their balcony, overlooking the Ohio River and Kentucky. By then it was 9:00ish and the lights looked magical, twinkling over Mt. Adams and across Northern Kentucky. There was also a full moon. Our usually hot summer weather had scaled down to just the 80s so it felt great to relax, continuing our wide-ranging conversation. Finally, Vic, the designated driver and the only one who had to get up early for work the following day, signaled it was time to leave.


how rare to be among
such widely read and well-traveled guys!
I treasure our stimulating connection.


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