reading the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali / poem #100

This morning I took my cup of organic decaf to my deck to begin my day. It was early so there were no edgers or mowers shrieking in the neighborhood. The only sounds were birds and the occasional bark of a dog.

My companion was Patanjali. How auspicious! As the author explains, “Patanjali is to Yoga, what Buddha is to Buddhism.” * By yoga, Patanjali means the all-encompassing definition of yoga, as in yoke or union with the Divine, including hatha yoga. I had bought this book months ago and it’s been sitting on my coffee table of ‘books to read immediately or in the very near future.’ I had actually begun reading it once before but set it aside. This morning, however, the words spoke to me. Consider:

I, 21

For those who have
an intense urge for Spirit
and wisdom,
it sits near them,

Rereading this sutra, twelve hours later, I feel bliss. I feel so fortunate that I can sometimes be open enough to have these experiences (but then, ‘to have’ denotes being separate).

Poem: “an intense urge for Spirit”

If it didn’t sound like attachment,
I’d say I wished I’d thought up that phrase.
Instead, I breathe it in and sigh.

* Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, as interpreted by Mukunda Stiles, Weiser Books, c2002


3 responses to “reading the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali / poem #100

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  2. 🙂 one of my favorite sutras, I enjoyed your thoughts and poem on it !

    good day

  3. Funny, the Divine One has been pointing me to Patanjali lately. I think I will read the sutras soon. Anyhow, the part you quoted immediately stood out to me as a reply to this poem, which I believe is by Mirabai:

    I Send Letters

    I send letters to my Beloved,
    The dear Krishna.
    But He sends no message of reply,
    Purposely preserving silence.
    I sweep his path in readiness
    And gaze and gaze
    Till my eyes turn blood-shot.
    I have no peace by night or day,
    My heart is fit to break.
    O my Master, You were my companion
    In former births.
    When will you come?

    If you’ve never looked at this site, I highly recommend it: It’s a phenomenal resource!!


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