opera ethereal & poem 101

Tonight I saw Ainadamar, ‘Fountain of Tears.’ This is a rarely seen contemporary opera. It played straight through with no intermission. The Spanish music and the lighting were incredible! The Fountain refers to the place where Federico Garcia Lorca was slain. It was a heartbreaking story. I loved a repeated reference to making even ‘stones weep.’ Famous soprano Dawn Upshaw sang in Cincinnati for the first time. Although she did a good job, I was more interested in the mezzo Kelley O’Connor. She played Lorca.

I love the mezzo voice! There is something about the depth of the voice. It’s a turn-on to see women dress in men’s clothes, too, even though I have often been called a soft butch myself. Is it some sort of mirror or is it just fantasy dress up and make believe?


we are not our bodies
though sometimes it’s fun to play
with costumes to cover our egos


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