ambassadors of bliss

I met up with some friends at the Dilly Deli in Mariemont last Thursday. We had some great conversation but there was a reason I gathered us there: the Troubadours of Divine Bliss were playing!

Aime Me (acoustic guitar) and Renee (accordion) are two of the most talented women and musicians I’ve heard — and I’ve heard many over the decades. They are also very, very special people. I could tell this from the first time I heard them at College Hill Coffee Co. back in May [see May 31st blog post for details].

How can I tell they are special human beings? From the way they interacted with me right from the beginning. They look you in the eye and listen. They empathize. They laugh. They enjoy the conversation and interaction with you. It’s not just about being kind to a fan; it’s communicating on a deeper level.

When I went over to say goodbye after their concert at Dilly Deli, I joked about being their Cincinnati manager. “Volunteer!” I quickly added. Aim Me had a sparkle in her eyes. She gave me a name I felt I’d been searching for for some time: ambassador of bliss. She said she’d have to give me an ambassador of bliss badge. These two are about bliss. On their website and cd covers, they quote Rumi and Hafiz. These bliss masters remind us of what Life is Really About: love and well, bliss. For me, bliss is Oneness, bliss is being open to others and accepting them for who they are. Bliss is radiating your inner self and living your spirituality.

I felt such a connection with Aim Me in particular. I said “See you in September” and turned to go. I can’t remember now quite how it played out but somehow, Aim Me made a motion and I went back and we hugged again. We have a connection and it’s not just some groupie crush. She knows I genuinely love them and their music. I love how I feel in their presence. This is raising the spirit in a blissful way. I am glad to be an ambassador of bliss with and for The Troubadours.

One response to “ambassadors of bliss

  1. Phebe – the name “Ambassador of bliss” is perfect for you!

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