a plan is born for my croning next spring

If it seems I write about the Troubadours of Divine Bliss every time I hear them in concert, it’s true. Of course, I’ve only heard them three times and tonight was the third. My friendly ex Janice and I went to York Street Cafe to hear Aim Me, Renee Ananda and ‘Mando’ Rando play a few sets to a sparse crowd.

You don’t know what you’re missing or you’d have been there.

I love them! They spread joy and make you feel good about life. They’ve got great harmonies — and did I mention there’s wonderful mandolin playing by Randy who just had a birthday?

During one of their songs, it hit me. I figured out the missing piece that would make my croning complete — the Troubadours themselves. I will hire them to play their music and spread bliss as my gift to my friends. I figured this would be way too much information to discuss after the show so I wrote a note to Aim Me. Meanwhile, I hadn’t even gotten to talk or get a hug from Renee Ananda all evening so I followed her and started blurting it all out. I said “I hope you don’t think I’m stalking you!” and she replied something to the effect, “Oh, stalk us; we love being stalked.”

They can’t believe I’m 60 and, well, neither can I. Actually, I’m still a mere 59. But I figure 60 is a great age for a Croning: I will be honored as a wise elder in a circle of loved ones. Although my birthday is in February, that’s a crappy month to be outside (I’m not a skier) but, by May, flowers are blooming and everything has come alive. And, if everything works out according to the plan born during their concert tonight, it will be a great celebration!

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