herding a heron

This morning when I let the dogs out, Bodhi started racing across the backyard. I thought it was his usual antics when the big yellow schoolbus stops for the kids across the road. Then I saw the long beak.

At first I thought it was a Canadian goose. I paused in awe when I realized it was a great blue heron! A great blue heron has graced the creek with its presence from time to time. I am always glad to take a moment and watch its smooth flight.

This morning, I saw a huge beak and long legs rising before I realized it was the heron. Yes, my shepherd Bodhi was running west across the yard trying to herd it!

Depending on which symbolism website you believe, a blue heron symbolizes balance and wisdom. I believe I am finally discovering balance—wisdom, well, I’ll leave that to my friends to decide.


One response to “herding a heron

  1. Phebe – loved the balance-wisdom connection. I wasnt off today when I wrote youth and wisdom, but I do like the symbolism of balance better than youth. The boy does balance out that part of me that goes haywire quite often!

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