“Serious Playground” ~ thank you, Laura Nyro

Ah, Laura Nyro! I grew up with her, saw/heard her two times in concert, how fortunate am I!

I came out in the early 70s with her beautiful voice & music in the background of my life. Debi and Margie, two friends & lovers, and our experiments with loving in tiny Oxford, Ohio, home of ‘mother’ Miami U.

From time to time, I rediscover Laura on YouTube. This song, “Serious Playground,” is on her final album, published posthumously.

“My boss is the Muse!” ~ her words of wisdom.

With winter solstice just upon us and the days of dark gradually, imperceptibly becoming light, I vow to take my own muse more seriously — in the playground of words. Poetry is my most beloved playground but this blog means something to me as well. So I plan to visit this blog playground more often.


One response to ““Serious Playground” ~ thank you, Laura Nyro

  1. Do come here often, Phebe. I think we owe it to our blog, our personal web diary that we share with the world.

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