Writing retreat

I am at my laptop the last evening of the writing retreat. I am not far from home although others are. Distance is a funny thing–it can be geographical or mental. Eleven women trained by Mary Pierce Brosmer as teachers in Women Writing for a Change practices are here at the Transfiguration Spirituality Center in Glendale, Ohio. It is a (usually) annual retreat. I missed last year so I was happy to retreat this year.
We begin and end in a large circle, just as we do in classes. In between writing and discussion we eat, are in small groups getting and giving feedback, did I say eat?, and conclude our evenings with wine and laughter. We share stories from our lives, joke, touch on Big Questions. Some of us have known one another for years, decades even. It’s a sisterhood on many levels. We have shared in ways you can when you are intentional on a retreat.
I really just wanted to have this experience documented–until the next retreat, I hope.


4 responses to “Writing retreat

  1. Sounds awesome. Relaxing and creatively inspiring. Good write. 🙂

  2. Rashma N. Kalsie

    I envy you, Phebe. Nothing like a break from life to pursue writing. Only today someone told me that writing was a self-created misery/trouble!

  3. Yes, I know how lucky I was to go on this retreat. Seems we writers must be vigilant about self-creating joy as much as possible.

  4. Thanks for the memories, Phebe. So glad you took the time to ‘document’ as you say. Important, all.

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