Bowing . . . from the Centre of Gravity

Wow! I just discovered Centre of Gravity, a wonderful group and web presence. Based in Toronto, it also has audio dharma talks and an online presence. A post I just read on Bowing woke me to my missing of my zen roots. There is something about bowing, the simplicity and the reverence. Today I vow to bow . . . to Buddha, my partner, my companion animals. I vow to bow to those I distrust, dislike, don’t understand. I vow to bow to my dissatisfied & disassociated parts. I know–it’s a huge job. Yet it might also be simple…..if I just begin with bowing.

here’s the piece:


2 responses to “Bowing . . . from the Centre of Gravity

  1. Rashma N. Kalsie

    I have started my morning with this post, what a start to the day. I have been having problems forgiving someone and when I read ‘those whom I don’t understand’ I felt at peace.
    In Indian tradition you fold your hands and bow to greet others. I am going to do that more often. Thanks for reminding me Phebe.

  2. You’re welcome, Rashma. And namaste, namaste, namaste ~~~

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