the bells rang out across Connecticut

9:30 Friday morning the bells
rang out across Connecticut.
After a week of shock and sadness,
a calm abiding that bells sometimes
bring to troubled souls.
There is something universal about bells,
a crossing of cultures, weaving
their role in so many religions.
Bells ring you to church for a service,
Bells let you know it is over.
Bells bring communities together
even with their simple marking of time.

This is the hour the children and teachers were shot.
One lost 20 year old, 26 innocents
beginning a normal school day
that quickly turned unbelievable.
A numb nation watched in disbelief.

Now the bells bring us back to our source.
Their pealing rhythm begins to match our heart beat.
26 times the bells rang out in Connecticut,
26 times we paused to remember, to honor,
to return to a beginning without sound.


One response to “the bells rang out across Connecticut

  1. This is another magnificent poem, Phebe. We both share the same deep grief and sadness over this event. Hope to talk with you soon. I’m glad I had the chance to read this.

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