the stone

I was attracted by the lines in this stone, especially the big white one which seems to have been drawn on . . . by a happening in nature, who knows what. That same line is lighter on its other side but its placement matches.
There is also an indentation on the more vivid white line side. I wonder how that got there and how many years it took? Maybe a fat animal – or person – stepped on it, maybe a tree fell over. This is one of the mysteries of my stone.
Funny how ownership just came into it. “My” after all! For just as no one owns a creek, no one owns a stone. I’ve heard crystals disappear and sometimes remove themselves from people. I’m fond of this stone even more, now that I touched it, held it in my hand. For it fits nicely, nearly the size of a quarter but with a shape more like an oval head. I like its smoothness, its comfort in my hand.
The stone is dark gray; it reminds me of obsidian though I don’t think it is. It’s actually quite humble, not flashy like some stones. It is what it is, no more. There’s a lesson here, to be sure. This makes the stone philosophical or emitting wisdom if only we will listen.

One response to “the stone

  1. Rashma N. Kalsie

    Poets can diamonds of stones!

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