Things I knew about Grandma Katie

I am taking a poetry class this fall to (re) learn the basics. This class is just what I need at the perfect time; I love when this happens (thank you, Universe)!

This draft of a poem about my grandma Katie grew from an assignment. It will change–or grow–I’m sure, but here it is for now. I’m glad I traveled back in memory to retrieve this [note:  both my grandmother and mother are deceased so I have no fear of sharing anything about my childhood].


Things I knew about Grandma Katie

I was your favorite and knew it. Firstborn and wanting

to be a teacher like you, I was to follow in your footsteps

unlike your daughter, adopted in 3rd grade, to this

childless couple. I remember the smell of your old-fashioned

soap when you bathed me at the sink, how loved

I felt. Like a second mother with my real mother busy with

four others. She had to quit college. Back in the ‘50s if you got

pregnant, you had to stop everything and have the kid. That child

was me. And I adored you yet a dark curtain separated me from you

that time my mother told me how, after she was adopted, if she was

bad, you and Grandpa would threaten to “take her back

to the children’s home.” That was beyond mean and, even though

I knew you were stern Germanic, a little girl would be terribly

hurt by that. I was, even once removed.


2 responses to “Things I knew about Grandma Katie

  1. Great job , Sis. I don’t remember a lot about our childhood. It seems so long ago. I do think it was different than most families, tho.

    • Who knows, Jeri? Perhaps ours was more dysfunctional than many. All I know is we sure had our secrets. Glad you get to read these blog pieces from time to time!

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