in a funk

I’m not talking funky music, either! That would be a fun, as well as, funky matter and might even get me off the sofa to dance. I’m talking about being “in a funk.” All January and now I notice it’s already 10 days into February. This must end! For one thing, my birthday is exactly one week away and that would definitely make a funk worse to feel like this on one’s special day. says funk means “a dejected mood.” Now look up dejected. Disheartened, low-spirited. Ah, low-spirited, that’s it. We’re not talking spirits here; from time to time in the evening I might have a glass of red wine. No, my spirit has been low.

Must I remind us? It is 11 degrees outside, feels like -1. I like snow but not if I have to shovel it with slabs of ice in it. I like snow from inside a warm home; it looks beautiful out here in suburbia which used to be country. So this extra harsh winter is a factor.

I spent Thanksgiving and longer in India. The first week of December I visited South India where I had to buy a sleeveless top. After sharing all the photos and reconnecting to my Midwest U.S. time zone, I realized I was right in the heart of winter. Ugh. This is also part of it.

Funk. Probable origin Scottish and northern English, from a verb to ‘fail through panic (1737). Suddenly, I feel better. Panic? That’s going too far. I’m just in a funk, that’s all.

Maybe when you’re in a funk you just shouldn’t try to analyze it. Just be. Go through it. Watch some comedies. Catch up on sleep. Relax. And that’s what I did. Especially on those days when the county closed down. Too much ice with the snow. Dangerous to drive. As long as I still had bread, peanut butter, and wine ….. cereal, almond milk, yogurt. Those frozen nan I got from Costco. I hit the carbs a little too heavy but, hey, I was in a funk. 

After all, I didn’t call anyone and yell at them. Even the fitness place customer service, even after they told me my dues were overdue. I calmly told the woman I wasn’t renewing. She let me send an email instead of a letter stating that. That surprise could have doubled my funk. 

I found a compelling book to read (I’ll save this for another blog post). I spent quality time with my two dogs and two cats. I made some great dinners with vegetables I got from Green Bean (organic) delivery. I caught up on my Facebook (is there such a thing?). I drove less, saving gas for my car, and thus money from my checking account. In fact, a week ago I did my taxes and I get a refund. Turbotax makes it easy! They hold you by the electronic hand (they are no paying me to say this). 

The days are getting longer. The sun sets after 6:00 p.m. It is nearly mid February. March is coming, Spring is coming, gardening, sitting on the deck, going barefoot. I’ll admit I’m getting a little ahead of the calendar but suddenly that funk is gone.


6 responses to “in a funk

  1. Funk is a great word. In-funk is a perpetual state for some artists and writers. I like to believe writers practice art too. So write your funk away or write through it. Best. Warm up to the spring

    • You’re right, Rashma: Funk is a perpetual state for some of us writers. So I will just throw some words into a pot of boiling water and make something out of it!

  2. I remember coming back in January from a month spent in Australia, whee it was early summer. It IS harder to make that sudden switch – everything looks and feels so…dead. And this crap isn’t helping. Hang in there, Phebe! Rashma’s right – maybe a poem or two will be born from the funk!

  3. Thanks, Bron, I’ll get through it–first my birthday then spring.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday!

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