Of beagles and goddesses

I’ve been crying a lot lately. Being of an analytical nature, I try to figure out why.

There are plenty of reasons if I really need one. I just saw the latest Beagle Freedom Project video, the #11 freeing of beagles from a laboratory in the Midwest. Now this is a happy occasion for these dogs are now free. Some have been most of their lives there, one for seven unimaginable years. I cry. Out of sadness, out of joy. But mostly because of the sickening actions of my fellow human beings. We are the most unnecessarily violent species on the planet. I know the Buddhist side of me is well acquainted with the concept of suffering. And this week, at least, after a long and terrible winter, I want no more of it, no more reminders of man’s inhumanity to animals or Afghanis or Iraqis or people homeless or poor in my own city.

And yet I’ve been reading Andrew Harvey’s Return of the Mother. Savoring it. This morning, I found myself crying as I read. It is exquisite: he works his way through many of the major religions and finds the Goddess, the Mother in them. She is my path and has been since the late 1970’s when some friends and I formed the Coven of the Waxing Crescent. We didn’t really know what we were “doing,” but we knew what we longed for. We were in search of our power and jubilant to discover Z. Budapest and a divinity Who was Female.

And so here I am, sitting on the couch in front of the Blue Kali, taking a journey through World Religions. Ones who appreciate a Goddess. This is almost inexpressible. But I’ll continue to try. After all, I’m the one who named this blog “The Goddess Babe.” Or did I?


4 responses to “Of beagles and goddesses

  1. I love reading your blogs, Phebe. You are so great and sharing yourself with the world. Hope we can get together soon. ~kij

    • Ahh, Karen, thank you so much! Lately I am thinking of blogging as public fastwrites. As you can see, all sorts of things come out, sometimes surprising even me. Phebe

  2. WOw that book sounds amazing!!!! I have to read.
    Those poor dogs, I feel so sad that this still has to happen :(.

    I have periods when I just cry and cry, I think it is the bodys way of releasing. I always feel good after a good cry!!

    I hope you are well, lots of love xxxxx

    • Lauren, I am nearly finished with the book. It’s a thick one and somewhat repetitious but like no other. I am tasting chapters from time to time. I definitely would recommend just about anything by Andrew Harvey. He sees the importance of the Divine Feminine and, for this, I am thankful.

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