The creek spoke to me this morning

It’s Saturday morning. I’m retired, yes, but this still means something after thirty years of working with the public. The animal companions and I had a tough night: 4:00 a.m. a loud blast of thunder awoke me.

Winnie, the oldest dog, began shaking and pacing. I comforted her, put my slippers on, and went to the front door to grab Jasmine the cat who likes to spend summer nights outside. I got her in and she and Winnie and I sat on the upstairs love seat to wait out the thunder and lightning.

So, with my sleep interrupted, I awoke later than usual. While the coffee pot was creating my stimulant, I went out on the deck. Ahhh, how lovely it is after a good rain! And the creek…..

It is practically in my backyard. From the edge of the deck it can’t be more than 10-12 yards. The sound of the water coming around the arc and hitting the rocks is like no other. Scientists say the negative ions produced may boost our moods. This morning it did.

Here’s why it’s so especially important: for the past year I’ve been actively considering moving.

There are days when I sigh when I think of how much money I’ve sunk into this house. Lately, it’s Champion windows, a new heat pump and furnace work, the plumber….. I know I could live more cheaply. Yet….yet I have a pension (glorious karma!) and money to pay the mortgage plus take on the Champion Window loan. But my fireplace is unusable; let’s say I’d been using it a few winters until the chimney sweeper told me I was lucky I didn’t catch my house on fire! Why in August am I looking ahead to December?

I can be a worrier. A thinker but sometimes my thoughts turn to trying to solve things. Like my future. I will turn 65 next February. I think about aging especially when I don’t awake as refreshed as in my earlier decades. I’m a “young 64,” I’ve been told by many.

Back to the creek, that sweet creek. No one owns a creek. I side with the Native Americans’ philosophy of Mother Earth. Yet the County Auditor tells me the part behind my house is mine. Yes, I’ll claim those wondrous negative ions! Right now I hear the water telling me something clear and compelling: why would you think of leaving this place and not hearing the sound of the humble waterfall? For in this sound and nature’s activity lies truths I’ve searched for.

I’ll let Lao Tse, the founder of Taoism have the last word: “Be still like a mountain and flow like a great river.” For now I will be still and remember to watch that humble creek that lies right before me.


One response to “The creek spoke to me this morning

  1. I love this post, Phebe! I, too, love the sound of a bubbling brook. Read back: Right now I hear the water telling me something clea and compelling:why would you think of leaving this place and not hear the sound of the humble waterfall?


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