Hello once more, meditation!

Sunday morning. New resolve. I can, will, and must begin a regular practice of meditation once more. Trust me.

So I set the timer to twenty minutes. Lit a candle, sat on the floor in front of it. I decided: no mantra, no severe zen stance (I’ve done them all). Instead a simple cross-legged position, back to the sofa, old dog lying nearby. Was Winnie meditating in her dog way?

Here are thoughts that arose as I sat for fifteen minutes: flame of the candle–nice, better if I close my eyes? Back to the flame. Airplane flies over my house–damned Green Township pathway! I’ll be flying soon–Paris, hurray! Oops, stop it, Phebe, let the thoughts float by like clouds in the sky…..

In between these concepts, I did have a few moments of No Thought. So when I peeked and the timer told me “three minutes more,” I was disappointed.

Yes, disappointed! For I was just getting started. “Getting started” — an odd concept since there was No Where To Get to in my meditation. I reset the timer for ten more minutes. Ahhhh.

That new Sia song insisted on wafting through my head. Notice, float by. Tears. Surprising. Oh, earlier I had remembered my father, recently dead (whatever this means). “Where are you, Dad?” I inwardly asked. Maybe this is one reason I’d been resisting sitting in meditation. Feeling. Feeling my father’s recent death. Feeling my recovering chest incision from February bypass surgery. But, wait–then I felt tears of joy: my new internist. She has knowledge and caring. Knowledge and Caring. What more can a patient ask for?

Back to the candle and its wavering flame. Wavering. Yes, kind of like the baby meditator I have become after not sitting quietly for some time. Beginner’s mind begins again. And there is nothing wrong with that.


5 responses to “Hello once more, meditation!

  1. I can relate to the random thoughts while trying to meditate. (The plane flying overhead, damn ….) I also need to start a meditation practice again — Beginner’s Mind, indeed.

  2. wonderous humility and authenticity! yes, all beginners

  3. I’m new at meditation and really trying to concentrate. Your blog was helpful to see someone else experiencing things that I have

  4. Love this! I am a complete failure at meditating, I’ve tried and concluded that deep down I just don’t want to do it, don’t want to be alone with my feelings. In two weeks I am posting a humorous piece about the challenges of meditating. It’s reassuring to me that it’s difficult for most people. Love the writing, Phebes.

  5. Thanks for all your responses. Even those who have meditated for decades in different traditions sometimes find it hard to make the time and commitment to Just.Sit.And.Do.It. Human nature? Procrastination, fear? A mystery.

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