Writer and teacher with Women Writing for (a) Change, ‘so much more than a writing school,’ based here in Cincinnati with sister schools spread across the U.S. (www.womenwriting.org).

Retired ten years ago from The Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County (Ohio). Longtime feminist and lgbt activist. Formerly on the Board of Crazy Ladies Center. Co-director of the Ohio Lesbian Archives.

My spirituality is eclectic but I am especially drawn to Eastern Religions. I would call myself Buddhist although I am eclectic. I took the 1st five precepts back in 2000 at Furnace Mountain (KY, a zen oriented site). I’ve chanted and meditated with the Siddha yogis. In earlier decades, I was a priestess in an all women coven. As I said, eclectic!

My main focus is writing (mostly poetry), hanging out with my dogs, having coffee or a meal with my many friends & acquaintances, or just sitting on my deck, overlooking my beloved creek and woods.



6 responses to “About

  1. Phebek
    I would very much like to speak with you about an interesting idea. I can be reached at 813-258-3553,


  2. phebe — you were very easy to find– i am happy to have found you in such a good place

    I look forward to browsing your blog

    I would like to invite you to a party

    There are a few former Cinti women here and we would like to have a kind of 30 year reunion of sorts,
    are you in touch with Vic . . .

    Crystal and I are having our 30th anniversary

    Dinner & Dance

    7 PM August 1, 2009

    Eclipse Company Store

    Please feel free to contribute
    to the communal beverage bar.


    Your presence is our present.

    Of course, you can bring Friends!

  3. hello phebe,

    thanks for sharing your blog address. i like your writings, human, deep and reflective.

    youre inspiring,

    writing class 2010.

  4. Hi, Phebe. Thank you for your “like” over at my Song Mistress blog. It’s brand new so I’m glad to know some eyes have found it. I really like the way you’ve described yourself and your life here. Some funny coincidences… My room mate in Nashville used to call me Phebe, I LOVED going to chant at my local Siddha Yoga center when I lived in Sydney and lately there’s a character in a story I’d like to write who seems to want to be named Bodhi! Weird I know, telling you this but I’d tell you just the same if we met on the street. :)) Anyway, I hope all’s well with you!

    • Fiona,

      Thank you for responding to my “About” page. I love it when these so-called coincidences happen! Hmmm, wonder why your roommate called you Phebe? And this spelling is the Anglocized spelling, lesser known than the original Greek Phoebe. I have gotten a lot out of chanting in Siddha Yoga and met some wonderful people. Bodhi is a great name for a character. I look forward to our paths crossing again, at least in this Universe of blogs!

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