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What my blood revealed / poem 93

No, this is not about blood in the streets, the protests going on in Iran. This is about my latest fasting blood test.

It’s good — or should I say, much better than the last several years. My glucose was down 15 mg and my cholesterol down more than 25. I have diabetes type 2 (runs in my family) and have blood tests a few times a year to keep track. I was ecstatic to see this sort of progress! Since I retired in 2006, I’ve dropped twenty pounds. Does this show how much happier I am in retirement? I am grateful for having time to choose how to live my life.

Dr. F gives all the credit to losing weight, the exercise I’ve added in my life. Since January I’d lost at least another four pounds. I agree about that but I’m praising my healthier eating patterns as well. I’d been basically vegetarian since the 1970s. This past spring, I transitioned to mostly vegan. I am getting organic food delivered once a week from Farm Fresh Delivery. I no longer buy and bring into my home eggs, yogurt, ice cream, cheese. I do occasionally succumb to pizza and ice cream out of the house (my two weaknesses). I have eggs a few times a month; today I nearly craved one so when I went to lunch with Rose, I had breakfast instead. Probably both the doctor and I are right: it’s a combination of exercise and diet that is making the difference.

blood test

glucose, cholesterol, A1c
all of these are much better for me
“eat less, walk more” the philosophy


Is saying I’m ‘mostly vegan’ a copout? / poem 72

Since the 1970’s I’ve been ‘mostly vegetarian.’ We’re talking thirty years here. So, just in case you think I’m trendy, I’m not. I have a history with food — and the politics of it.

Early last spring I participated in an eight week juicing and vegan diet regimen with my yoga teacher and several of her friends [see posting on The Detox Club dated April 13th]. For some time I had thought veganism was the next logical (and ethical) step. I guess I’d just been too lazy and didn’t want to attempt it alone without supportive people around me. Since then I have largely maintained a vegan diet, with organic food as much as possible. I say ‘largely’ because I am not rigid about occasionally having an ice cream cone from Graeter’s or Putz’s. Every now and then I have a craving for pizza, especially gourmet pizza from Dewey’s. And the third craving has to do with cookies. I usually buy the healthiest ones I can from Trader Joe’s but sometimes not. I know mostly they are made with eggs. So, let’s see here: we’re talking slip ups with dairy, cheese, and eggs. Strangely, I haven’t missed cheese, yogurt, or eggs too much.

So I have shared that I am ‘mostly vegan.’ Saying this seems honest. It means I’m not surreptitiously sneaking an ice cream cone, hoping someone who knows won’t see me. It means I don’t have to suffer guilt (I hate guilt). I told an acquaintance I didn’t want to get ‘Nazi’ about it. What I meant by this was rigidity to the point of insufferability. Rigid is definitely a more neutral term. But what the other extremely loaded word denotes is Being Right, Making Others Feel You Know The Way, and Forcing Them to Cooperate.

Being vegan means I value animals almost as much as human beings. Besides the obvious cruelty involved in eating cows, pigs, chickens, etc., it is unnecessary and unhealthy as well. There is plenty of literature out there to support this. For me, it works. For me, it feels right. But my believing strongly in veganism doesn’t mean I won’t be friends with you if you eat meat. Honestly, I’d rather you didn’t but it is your choice. I have been known to occasionally frequent steak houses with my father; they are his favorite restaurants. I make sure these visits are rare but I have gone. It’s ultimately about connection not control.


mostly means you
rarely do that other thing.
I admit I am human and fallible.

~ garden in my back yard ~ poem 58

lettuce grab a bell pepper and ring it loudly
no matter how much you carr-it continually needs watering
bad puns will not make the tomatoes grow faster!

organic radishes from my garden, poem 51

there’s nothing like going to the earth
outside in your back yard
and reaching for a radish

baba ghanoush, Poem #13

Eggplant, you never tasted so good!
Oh, Mr. Ganoush, how’s your tahini?
Don’t be so formal — you can call me Baba.

Couscous — just because, Poem #12

A staple of North Africa,
eaten hot or cold;
I just love to say the word!

organic dark chocolate, Poem #9

Today was my first delivery from

When I first heard of this service, I thought, how much more wonderful could it get? Organic vegetables and fruit delivered to your door?! Could this be real? After several emails, I was signed up. Payments are made painlessly though a credit card. Orders can be placed, or changed, via email or phone. And I’m supporting organic farmers in Indiana. Or, not sure how organic the farmers are but the food is guaranteed!

So two hours after the delivery, I finally succumbed and tasted it. ‘It’ is the organic dark chocolate with cherry candy bar I ordered, along with the oats, couscous, and rice. Ahhhhhh. As it melted in my mouth I thought, have I died and gone to heaven? Not even sure such a place exists, much less that it would be my ultimate destination. But I can say without skipping a beat that organic dark chocolate makes life worth living.

Such is the context for Poem #9 (in the series of 108)

organic dark chocolate with cherry
proof of paradise on earth
ecstasy on a rainy Friday afternoon