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poem 108 = final in a series!

I first got this idea of writing 108 poems from Puerhan through Twitter (I have credited him on my blogroll plus I’ve exchanged tweets with him along the way). Although there have been three or four days when I was nodding off on the couch and had to write two poems the following day, for the most part I stuck to my commitment.

I plan to still blog pretty regularly but not post a poem every day.

I can tell you: the pressure is on for this final one. Here goes!


108 is attained,
the final sandalwood bead that
makes the entire mala sacred


my 100th post / poem 76

It’s hard to believe I have written 100 pieces since I started this blog. I had a blog elsewhere several years ago but bought a house, retired, and sold the old house, making me too busy to tend to a blog properly. This time I’m inspired. Part of it is my challenge of writing a three line poem a day for 108 days. I got this idea from Puerhan via Twitter (see blogroll on the right for his blog). Part of it is being in a writing class regularly at Women Writing for (a) Change. I’ve been a student in Kathy Wade’s Tuesday morning class several quarters now. I am lined up to teach the Wednesday morning summer class. I am also lined up to facilitate an online writing course through Catherine of Siena Virtual College. Even getting onto Twitter for brief 140 character conversations counts. I am definitely attracting writing opportunities into my life!


writing on a regular basis
is one way to keep in touch;
the pen or keyboard acts as a lightning rod.

turning into a geek

I remember it clearly: it was an evening last week and I was working on my blog. You should have heard me muttering as I explored my blog’s dashboard, tinkering with the widgets on the side. I heard myself mutter ‘geek! you’re such a geek’ and loving it.

I felt such power and creativity. But it was, say, a Friday night and shouldn’t I be out somewhere being social? Not necessarily. I won’t begin to describe how some days I lounge around the house in the same clothes all day, looking like I hadn’t gotten out of bed. I’m retired, after all, and actually thrive on days such as these when time seems unlimited