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explaining my disappearance: & what a summer it was!

I know, I don’t really have to explain why I haven’t been here. But I want to, for documentation purposes, if nothing else. Maybe some of you actually wonder.

May 2010: The main activity in my life this month was my Croning. Fifty friends enjoyed the afternoon at my place on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. One thing that was really special was that I brought together people from all the various groups I’m involved with, men and women, gay and straight — and it worked! (It gives me hope for humanity . . . ). We had a circle where Emmy officiated, Yasemin anointed me, and Janice placed a crown on my head, officially declaring me a Crone, or wise elder woman. I had turned 60 in February yet wanted to throw a big celebration in the spring. I bought a chocolate-raspberry cake from Servati’s. The meal was a potluck. I hired the Troubadours of Divine Bliss to play blissful music on my deck. Much love and laughter that day!

The summer is kind of a blur, actually. OK, I just checked my calendar (how embarrassing):

I was very involved chanting, meditating, and being in leadership with my local Siddha Yoga group. Also went regularly to hatha yoga classes.
I seemed to eat out a lot with friends!
I taught another online class through Catherine of Siena Virtual College — the best group yet of wonderfully talented women from The Philippines, Kenya, Vancouver, and the U.S.
I got more training on the harmonium for live chanting at the meditation center.
I began writing for pay for Natural Awakenings magazine!
And, of course, editing The Book.

The Book is a book Maria Motch and I wrote (and she took incredible photos) about our 2008 trip to Varanasi, India. We are calling it Goddesses on the Ganges: Pilgrimage to Varanasi, India.
It is now in the layout phase and should be published-on-demand early this fall! Plus, we got a grant from Women’s Way, thanks to the vision of Bev Bowers. It’s all very exciting!

So, as you can see, I wasn’t just lying on a hammock all summer long. Though that’d be just fine, too.


“Women Writing, Lives Changing” — with a social justice twist

Next month I’ll once again be teaching an online class with Catherine of Siena Virtual College. This time I have proposed a class for activists. Here is the description:

I see this course as a respite as well as a place of empowerment for those who work in areas of social justice. Too often we feel alone or isolated. In this online course, participants will have safe space to write about their hopes and dreams, share their frustrations, and feel supported by other people working to make this world a better place for all.
Whether you are a community organizer, a volunteer in a group that fights for equality, access for marginalized populations, or envision a better way, you will find a home here. The class will allow each time and space to pause, look, share, and return to her chosen work with renewed vision and energy to continue.

If these words speak to you, consider joining me for a series of Saturday morning sharing through our writing online with women from around the world. For more information, go to: http://www.catherinecollege.net/moodle/mod/resource/view.php?id=428


I’ve been AWOL from my blog for a few weeks. I had a head cold for two weeks and realized, finally, that I needed to quit fighting it and allow myself to rest. The first thing I am grateful for is that it was just a cold and not allergies.

The second thing I’m grateful for is that I got to teach two classes this summer. One was an in person class at Women Writing for (a) Change. I taught the Wednesday morning summer class in our building in ‘the heart of Silverton.’ Of the twelve women, six were brand new to WWfaC. What a privilege to turn them on to the processes of this community. The other class was an online class through Catherine of Siena Virtual College. Ten women from all over the world gathered six Saturday mornings (EST) and shared fastwrites and readbacks. Amazing! Did I mention? I got paid, too! This summer proved the saying ‘Do what you love and the money will follow.’

I am also grateful for these past few days when we’ve had a glimpse of my favorite season — Fall. I have made excuses to be outside to feel the breezes. Life just feels good! I hope it does for you as well, dear readers!

how great to stay at home / poem 99

I got the phone call first thing this morning: no meal delivery today. The coordinator had a meeting and had the Thursday volunteers deliver Friday meals. Hurray! I was relieved for I’d awakened with that damned morning stiffness and had to prepare for the online class I’d be teaching Saturday morning.

So I’ve had a luxurious day focusing on the creative writing class I’ll be teaching/facilitating via Catherine of Siena Virtual College website. I’ll be using Women Writing for (a) Change’s processes [and giving full credit, of course] but we’ll hold our circle in cyberspace. I took backyard deck breaks, talking on the phone to several people. I read, had my decaf, looked at my mail. My friend Vic invited me to come over and hang out with her and Nick later, if I wanted but I’m content.


seems like such a boring word
but actually when you are really content,
everything is just right with your world

preparing . . . & poem 94

Someone phoned me a little bit ago and said she hoped she wasn’t interrupting a 4th of July gathering. No, I reassured her. I told her if I sounded a little out of it it was because I was still ‘in my head.’ I’d been on the computer, thinking, and writing much of the afternoon.

This, to me, was a rich and blessed day. I have plenty of friends and family if I had wanted to track down a social gathering for the holiday. No . . . I was using my time to prepare for an online class I’ll be teaching next week. Ten women from all over the world will share words online in real time. I look forward to seeing what this experience will be like. A year and a half ago, Karen T. Waters (Portland, Oregon) and I created the first online class using Women Writing for (a) Change processes through Catherine of Siena Virtual College. She’d then taught a class. This time I’ll be the teacher. While it is exciting, it is also a challenge.


women from different perspectives
sharing our stories online
what an honor to be holder of this circle

my 100th post / poem 76

It’s hard to believe I have written 100 pieces since I started this blog. I had a blog elsewhere several years ago but bought a house, retired, and sold the old house, making me too busy to tend to a blog properly. This time I’m inspired. Part of it is my challenge of writing a three line poem a day for 108 days. I got this idea from Puerhan via Twitter (see blogroll on the right for his blog). Part of it is being in a writing class regularly at Women Writing for (a) Change. I’ve been a student in Kathy Wade’s Tuesday morning class several quarters now. I am lined up to teach the Wednesday morning summer class. I am also lined up to facilitate an online writing course through Catherine of Siena Virtual College. Even getting onto Twitter for brief 140 character conversations counts. I am definitely attracting writing opportunities into my life!


writing on a regular basis
is one way to keep in touch;
the pen or keyboard acts as a lightning rod.