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spending the day creatively, Poem #27

I spent a working day over at The Writing Hall, as some of us at Women Writing for (a) Change call the school’s building in Silverton. I am a student in the Tuesday morning class, newly into Spring Quarter. The class is largely returning writers interspersed with a handful of new ones.

Today we made altars to share something of ourself. The problem? I forgot. All but C. and I dutifully brought objects meaningful to us to display in whatever corner of the room we could claim as our own. I assured C. (a fellow Aquarian, by the way/did that make us spacier?) that we likely had items with us that could quickly be made into an altar.

So it was. I took my mala, a book on the Divine Mother just given to me by Jenny as I walked into class, took out my library card and PetSmart card (to show I love reading and animals), and borrowed a few stones and a flower from the center cloth of our class circle. I wrote a note saying how I had forgotten about bringing items for my altar but would honor this practice of spontaneity that lay before me. It worked! We left notes, if we chose to, and I got positive feedback on my experiment.

After class, Jenny Stanton and I prepared for the podcast with Dawn, a sister student. We fired up the laptop, brought up Garage Band, plugged in microphones, tested them, and were ready for Mary Pierce Brosmer, founder of the organization, to interview Dawn Diebold about her writing, plus Dawn would read several of her pieces.

I, the one recording (more officially known as ‘technical producer’) have the privilege of a sneak preview of the podcast before it is posted online. Now that I’ve recorded half a dozen times (thanks to my mentor, Annette Januzzi Wick!), I can actually relax enough to enjoy the process — as well as the creativity involved. Yes! to spending my Tuesday doing what I love — creatively so.

Poem #27

creativity is not always words,
it can show itself in the untangling of microphone cords
and the tracking of sound waves on a computer screen.