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a poll about feminism / poem 44

Just read a blurb about a recent poll of young women questioned about a few important matters. (The magazine said Gallup but I can’t verify it –  The Week, issue April 3, 2009).

Question: Would you marry an ugly man if he were rich? Answer: yes (50%)
Question: Which would you rather win — the Nobel Peace Prize or first prize on America’s Next Top Model? Answer: 25% went with the tv show prize.

This report made me sad. Money over love, material prizes over peace. But then I thought: is the verdict half full or half empty? For 50% would not marry just for money (or would they just not marry an ugly guy but would marry a handsome guy?) And a whopping 75% would presumably go for the Nobel Peace Prize, so that’s hopeful to an old feminist like me.

I searched for blame:  television, of course, with its focus on looks, fame, and money. Parents and schools for not teaching certain values that override the former. But it’s just one poll and I don’t even know which one. I could dismiss it then. Did I even need to know about this? Was its mention an evil plot to reinforce a bias against the ‘f’ word? I’ll never know and, thus, the three line poem of the day:


money, romance, or fame?
look into the crystal ball or distorted mirror
and you still won’t know your future

the fierce feminist

I don’t know about you but I can hardly read the news anymore. Another beheading, this time a 5 year old girl. This on top of the Muslim wife killed by her tv channel founder-husband — all because she filed for divorce. Then the man shooting old people in a nursing home. The word was that his ex-wife worked there. And, of course, our local tragedy of Esme, strangled in the woods on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

All this definitely brings out the fierce feminist in me. But I feel helpless. What can I do exactly? Nothing, it seems. It is this paralyzing inaction that frustrates me. There is anger, too, certainly, but the helplessness weighs heaviest.


“May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.”

May peace begin with me ……. How can I integrate these two parts of me? The fierce feminist and the compassionate yogini?