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writing appointment at Sidewinder Cafe

I took myself for a writing appointment at one of my favorite coffeehouses. Sidewinder’s is located on Hamilton Avenue in Northside. You can sit in the back and make a latte last as long as you need. Since I needed to finish my agenda for the class I teach the next morning, I decided I would put my mind to it and do it away from home.

It worked and was, in fact, pleasurable. Most of the conversation came from the front, from the staff and newcomers. The handful of us in the back room were serious about our writing, studying, or online searching. I found the atmosphere conducive to serious ‘agenda-ing.’

This is what I miss most about not living in Northside — living close to a coffeehouse, running into people I know, the whole urban scene. I owned a home here for fifteen years. When I retired, I moved ten miles up the road to be surrounded by nature but in so doing, am more isolated. Now, to go anywhere, I count on driving a half hour. I’ve gotten used to this and use my time to listen to music, more often than not chants — Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, or Siddha Yoga.

My parking meter is almost up so it’s time to return to my animals and other distractions of home. This afternoon appointment reminds me that I need to do this more often!


Krishna Das & the red-shouldered hawk, Poem #26

I can’t believe I skipped yoga class tonight. I love it but I was also being in the moment which meant luxuriating in the springlike weather, enjoying my backyard. I had a few hours of light and wanted to plant some seeds. I planted a strip of carrots and then some carnations beyond the stone circle. I’m leaving a corner of my yard wild because I like wildflowers and because I notice my two dogs like to graze on the grasses.

So I spent a lovely few hours outside. Veena had loaned me a Krishna Das cd that I didn’t know so I brought out the portable cd player to the deck and listened to some great chants while I dug and planted. I noticed the young red-shouldered hawk sitting on a branch across the creek. Grabbed my binoculars to take a closer look at the young one. I swear, s/he tilted her head and stayed to listen to the first few chants!

Afterward I poured a glass of merlot, offered some to several special places in my yard, then took a sip. I lit some candles on the deck and watched the crescent moon move across the darkening sky. I played the cd again. “Sita Ram, Sita Ram. Om Namah Shivaya. Mata Durga.” I didn’t feel alone; I felt blessed.

Poem #26

Sometimes if you listen very closely
you will hear what is clearly there;
You will know if you should stay or go.

down time, Poem #25

I knew it would happen sometime during this exercise of 108 poems.

Last night I had to give in and go to bed at 9:30 p.m. After opening the Meditation Center for Guru Gita chanting and helping Sue move a load of her stuff — including her two cats — I was tired. Got to bed late because of the Krishna Das concert downtown (well worth it). I was running a deficit of two nights with less sleep than usual.

So last night I got a full nine hours of sleep — heavenly. And it was warm enough to kick the covers off (first time this year) but, by morning there was a breeze and birds serenading through the open window. Life is good after a catchup sleep!

Today my Dad and I treat my sister Linda for her birthday at Olive Garden. Then Dad will check my fence and some jobs we will work on this summer.

So . . . two poems today; this one in the morning covers yesterday (what does that mean anyway? All time is Now!).

Poem #25

spring morning mulch
planting purple phlox
by the circle of stones

Krishna Das concert, Poem #24

Om, I’m home
transported to
some sacred space