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organic radishes from my garden, poem 51

there’s nothing like going to the earth
outside in your back yard
and reaching for a radish


organic dark chocolate, Poem #9

Today was my first delivery from FarmFreshDelivery.com.

When I first heard of this service, I thought, how much more wonderful could it get? Organic vegetables and fruit delivered to your door?! Could this be real? After several emails, I was signed up. Payments are made painlessly though a credit card. Orders can be placed, or changed, via email or phone. And I’m supporting organic farmers in Indiana. Or, not sure how organic the farmers are but the food is guaranteed!

So two hours after the delivery, I finally succumbed and tasted it. ‘It’ is the organic dark chocolate with cherry candy bar I ordered, along with the oats, couscous, and rice. Ahhhhhh. As it melted in my mouth I thought, have I died and gone to heaven? Not even sure such a place exists, much less that it would be my ultimate destination. But I can say without skipping a beat that organic dark chocolate makes life worth living.

Such is the context for Poem #9 (in the series of 108)

organic dark chocolate with cherry
proof of paradise on earth
ecstasy on a rainy Friday afternoon