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a special hour with 2 young women & poem 97

I spent an hour this afternoon recording a girl and a teenager from summer camps at Women Writing for (a) Change. They were both very special. While the teenager wrote mostly about her parents, with anger and love, the middle school girl wrote more upbeat stuff. Both will be posted on the podcast page of http://www.womenwriting.org. What I came away with is the power of women’s words, regardless of our age. I was especially amazed that these two, so young, knew themselves as well as they did and confidently shared with the world.


you two are braver than you know.
sure, it was scary to see that microphone at first
but you went flying above it, shooting stars that you are.


a podcast with Sylvia, along with Poem #32

I just finished listening to the podcast I hosted with Sylvia Meek, a fellow student in the Tuesday morning class of Women Writing for (a) Change. Sylvia is quite inspiring! She had a career as a speech pathologist; she and her husband Henry had adopted a little girl; and Sylvia is a polio survivor.

When the usual host, Mary Pierce Brosmer, was unavailable, my sister podcaster, Annette Januzzi Wick, suggested in a moment of inspiration that I give it a try. After all, Sylvia and I had a connection:  we had been in class together for several sessions and in the same small group twice in a row. I thought, why not? I’d been the interviewee in the past, why not try the other role?

What made it work was thinking of it as a conversation for it was — a conversation with Sylvia about how she’d found Women Writing for (a) Change, what her life had been about up to now, and a sharing of some of the pieces she had written. I was familiar with most of them so this helped. I tried not to let the microphones and the women recording in the corner of the room distract the two of us from the intimacy we were sharing.

Poem #32

how it feels to be free
sharing in a room filled with women
knowing our words will be heard around the world