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release of rain after the readaround / poem #62

The Tuesday morning writing class at Women Writing for (a) Change had a good turnout for our public readaround. We had a great time sharing some of our writing pieces from the quarter.

I noticed a theme of humor this time. Sure, there were pieces that mentioned abusive relationships, dementia of parents and partners, and other sad realities. But, overall, there was a lot of laughter. I read my blog post on “Comedy as a Cosmic Act.” I’d like to publicly proclaim: I love my small group!


rain is attacking the tender lettuce leaves outside in my garden.
thunder is causing my shepherd to bark with crazy bravery.
i sit here with a pleasant sigh after a morning well spent.

the creek compelled, Poem #19

Morning, I let the dogs out. There was a loud roar.
It sounded like rain coming down hard but turned out to be
the creek compelling my attention as it rushed over the rocks.