Memorial Day in my backyard

Mother, I am sad.
Tell me.
Memorial Day reminds me of death.
Both my parents have passed.
So it is.
I’m an adult orphan.
It happens to all.
Last year, I lost both my dogs.
I had to say when;
I hated that power.
Even I must leave.
one of the teachings.
You see it in the seasons,
yet new life arises.
I know.
It’s nice out here in the backyard,
the breeze brings me ease.
Find it within, dear,
visit as much as you need.


c 2019 Phebe (Karen) Beiser



Rain, a gentle one. My dog and I take a quick walk in between the drops.

It is officially Spring.

It’s rain not snow, after all. After all, I’ve been out on my deck several times in March. I watch for bulbs I planted in the fall to transform into irises and daffodils.
I watch for a less stiff and cranky Phebe. Being cold is my idea of hell. When summer comes and it’s hot, remind me I like heat better than cold.

Not writing as regularly as I prefer. Must, must, must make this a priority. Focusing on poetry, I am taking a class on poetry gathering ones I’ve written, making them stronger. When you can’t write, edit.

Yet creating is much more exciting! Worth the angst and dread of a blank computer screen.

Spring – creation!

Self revealing…

I love this blog! Sharing this week’s wisdom. ~ Phebe

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

The Self does not become awakened (enlightened); it is simply an unveiling. The one behind the veil is the Self, the one lifting the veil is the Self…

~ Anon I mus

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Wisdom for writers & artists

Live on video: talkin’ about The Buddha & the Bitch

Video talk on The Buddha & the Bitch

Greetings from Gurgaon, India! With two days to prep for this Facebook Live talk (sponsored by Indic Book Club and Indic Academy), Rashma and I did it.
Saturday 26 May over 400 viewers watched/listened to our first presentation and video book launch.

I am so proud that we’ve come this far! The Buddha & the Bitch has been five years in the making, starting with Google chats across the world. Well, I won’t attempt to share the story here because our book tells it all. Do know that there’s a trip to South India involved–Pondicherry, Mahabalipurma, Auroville, and more. Our sub-title describes it more: 2 Women 2 Worlds 1 Practice. That practice is writing, a passion we share.

I am visiting greater New Delhi from Cincinnati, Ohio to help promote the newly released book with the co-author Rashma N. Kalsie. NOTE: If you live in or near New Delhi, we will be at Habitat Centre 4 June 7pm along with Prof. Bharat Gupt moderating. Come hear us!

Now available on Amazon USA! …..

….. The Buddha & the Bitch.

Going to India to promote the book

Me with Kwan Yin & Kali before trip

I leave the day after tomorrow. I’ll join my co-author Rashma and she and her family are housing and feeding me. Rashma, being the self-defined bitch of our book The Buddha & the Bitch, is da boss and will lead me to bookstores in the New Delhi-Gurgaon area. We need to convince the bookstores to display our book, display our book more prominently, have us do a reading & signing, and more.

I will be posting our adventures in marketing. I am excited about visiting Hay House India and meeting our editor and the marketing guy. We’ll sign some books for their use in marketing. We’ll have pictures taken.

Watch for it. As I’ve been saying “I’ll be famous ….. in India!”

Update: Rashma tells me that Amazon US will have our ebook available soon. Meanwhile, Cincinnati area peeps–you can buy a copy at Women Writing for (a) Change or from the trunk of my car. I will be bringing more copies back in my checked luggage.