Thoughts about my off day

Yeah, Friday has become crazily crowded. Now that might be alliterative but there is no new poem coming this morning, I assure you.

My list: visit sister in hospital/stop at the Archives to pick up items to take tomorrow to Dayton for a gathering of lgbtq groups/PetSmart/Kroger/and, of course, get gas so my car can function.

If I’m generous each of these tasks could have a poem lurking inside their activity but only if I’m an optimist. Or one long busy poem narration.

We’ll see. Meanwhile, I will eat something healthy-but-quick and get started on my ‘off’ day.

Enjoy yours!

Today is about inspiration (after a bit of serendipity)

So I can’t reconstruct exactly how I came across Ron Hogan’s Our Endless and Proper Work: Starting (and Sticking to) Your Writing Practice.+ Likely from browsing and adventuring on a web browser. Vague, I know. But the point is that I discovered a sweet, yet profound, little book that serves as a mentor–just when I needed the inspiration.

A few of his insights that stick with me:

What if we thought about writing as a personal process of self-discovery.

[Create] a space in your life where insight is attainable, but more importantly, where you can become the person who is capable of recognizing those insights, then acting upon them.

He mentions Mary Oliver – “To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.” [from “Yes! No!”] He urges us writers and artists to “pay attention to what … stirs within you, because that’s where you will find yourself.”

I do believe these gems of wisdom may keep me inspired for many seasons.

Now… write!

+ Book source: c2021 Cleveland, OH: Belt Publishing.

Thinking about poetry & looking up poets

It’s been two days and I haven’t written–here or privately YET (& it’s a big ‘yet’) I’ve been semi-obsessed about poetry. This is a good obsession.

Obsession: “the state of being besieged; used specifically of a person beset by a spirit from without.” – Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary

I have Googled two women poets who I never heard of before. Sad that there are great women poets out there and too many people don’t know their names. Including me–a woman poet. Still…I had my reasons for researching them (I may reveal this later this month but not now).

On my search, I ran across Li-Young Lee. I love his poetry! I hadn’t thought of his poetry for literally years. Serendipity sparked this discovery.

What I also did was sign up to receive a poem-a-day from two different national poetry associations. I’ve done this on and off but not recently. I think: my email is going to be overwhelmed with so many poems! Is this a bad thing? Not at all.

What my gmail acount has right now is too many news emails. I am very interested in following the Russia-Ukraine war but sometimes it is overwhelming. I also sign a ton of petitions online. And with the midterms coming up, political and election emails are a big category.

So I thought: overwhelm me, please, with something nice, something beautiful, something vital for my life. Poems to inspire me, make me cry and sometimes laugh. But always reflect.

Until next time, I can’t wait to be besieged by poems in my Inbox.

I’m baaack! & writing

Greetings from a long lost blogger. But this is about to change. I am concentrating on my writing and may keep a journal of sorts here.

I was given a lead on an inspiring woman with videos (thank you, Lorraine!). “Building a Consistent Sewing Practice.” Discover the process followed by the most fulfilled makers & artists in our free live online retreat. [Cathy Hay, “Foundations Revealed” c2022].

Now I am not a sewer–at all. Yet this woman’s hour long video talked about creative practice, beginning and keeping habits, gaining confidence, and how it’s the processs, not the result, the joy in the doing.

She encouraged us to keep a journal. Sigh. How many times I’ve started journals–dream journals, everyday angst journals, political thoughts, spiritual life.

Yet it’s Spring, a perfect time to begin anew. I hope to meet you here on a fairly regular basis.

Memorial Day in my backyard

Mother, I am sad.
Tell me.
Memorial Day reminds me of death.
Both my parents have passed.
So it is.
I’m an adult orphan.
It happens to all.
Last year, I lost both my dogs.
I had to say when;
I hated that power.
Even I must leave.
one of the teachings.
You see it in the seasons,
yet new life arises.
I know.
It’s nice out here in the backyard,
the breeze brings me ease.
Find it within, dear,
visit as much as you need.

c 2019 Phebe (Karen) Beiser


Rain, a gentle one. My dog and I take a quick walk in between the drops.

It is officially Spring.

It’s rain not snow, after all. After all, I’ve been out on my deck several times in March. I watch for bulbs I planted in the fall to transform into irises and daffodils.
I watch for a less stiff and cranky Phebe. Being cold is my idea of hell. When summer comes and it’s hot, remind me I like heat better than cold.

Not writing as regularly as I prefer. Must, must, must make this a priority. Focusing on poetry, I am taking a class on poetry gathering ones I’ve written, making them stronger. When you can’t write, edit.

Yet creating is much more exciting! Worth the angst and dread of a blank computer screen.

Spring – creation!

Live on video: talkin’ about The Buddha & the Bitch

Video talk on The Buddha & the Bitch

Greetings from Gurgaon, India! With two days to prep for this Facebook Live talk (sponsored by Indic Book Club and Indic Academy), Rashma and I did it.
Saturday 26 May over 400 viewers watched/listened to our first presentation and video book launch.

I am so proud that we’ve come this far! The Buddha & the Bitch has been five years in the making, starting with Google chats across the world. Well, I won’t attempt to share the story here because our book tells it all. Do know that there’s a trip to South India involved–Pondicherry, Mahabalipurma, Auroville, and more. Our sub-title describes it more: 2 Women 2 Worlds 1 Practice. That practice is writing, a passion we share.

I am visiting greater New Delhi from Cincinnati, Ohio to help promote the newly released book with the co-author Rashma N. Kalsie. NOTE: If you live in or near New Delhi, we will be at Habitat Centre 4 June 7pm along with Prof. Bharat Gupt moderating. Come hear us!